RV Gear: Cell-Phone Coverage Booster



You never know where you might travel or how strong the cell-phone signal will be when you get there. Ordinarily, spotty service isn’t anything more than a minor inconvenience — until there’s an emergency, you need directions or you have to find the nearest fuel station. To keep RVers connected, SureCall has developed the new Fusion2Go cell-phone signal booster to keep both driver and passenger(s) connected by boosting the cell signal in the RV. Fusion2Go is a five-band booster that reportedly improves cell signal for 2G/3G voice and 4G data for all major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The kit includes the booster unit, antenna and power cords and is designed for easy installation in just a few minutes.

MSRP: $449 | 888-365-6283 | www.surecall.com




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