Dometic DMC4101: Not Your Parents’ RV Fridge

Three views of Dometic DMC4101 refrigerator with door closed and open.
Photos: Dometic

The DMC4101, Dometic’s much-heralded 12-volt DC compressor-style refrigerator, is an exact-fit replacement for the 8-cubic-foot Dometic Americana absorption refrigerators found in many RVs, yet it holds 2 cubic feet more. The sleek, stainless-steel fridge runs off a Dometic-built variable-speed electric compressor that’s digitally controlled. According to the company, the new compressor design not only increases energy efficiency, it runs quieter than traditional RV refrigerators.


Variable-speed compressor cooling built for mobile travel
10.7-cubic-foot storage capacity
Easy-to-clean glass shelves
Dual crisper drawers
Residential-style stainless-steel door
Digital controls for performance flexibility
Recessed side pocket latching handle


Depth: 27 1/2″
Height: 59 5/8″
Width: 23 5/8″
Net Weight: 127.89 lbs.
Input Voltage (AC): 120 V
Input Voltage (DC): 12 V
MSRP: $1,199.95

Controls on Dometic DMC4101 compressor-style refrigerator.

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  1. OK, I’m ready to install one of these in my motorhome. Is there anyone who has any experience with 12 volt refrigerators? Are they efficient. What is the expected lifespan of the Dometic make/model? What are the good and not so good points of the Dometic unit. Is there anyone else building these refrigerators for RVs?

  2. We just bought a 2020 Rockwood Signature. Only went on 2 short trips with it. The refrigerator buzzes all the time it’s running, which is very annoying. Is this normal!

  3. These refrigerators are fantastic! I would love to see one before I purchase it. I have spoken with every RV dealer in my area and told them about this unit and even how much it retails for. Not one of them have even heard of a 12 volt compressor refrigerator! One dealer (Camping World) told me that they “might” be able to order it for me. (of course if I’m willing to pay for it in full Before they order it with no return for special orders) Who stocks this refrigerator?


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