Dometic RMD10.5XT: A Cool Add to Your RV

Dometic RMD 10 refrigerator opens from the left or right.
Now available in the RV aftermarket, the Dometic RMD 10 refrigerator-freezer features patented double-hinged doors that open on either side. Photos courtesy of Dometic

Dometic’s new-generation RMD10.5XT series refrigerator is now available to consumers.

Previously available only at the manufacturer level, the Dometic RMD10.5XT RV refrigerator-freezer features patented double-hinged doors that opened from either side. The refrigerator door handle extends along the entire height of the fridge and enables easy opening. A new TFT display ensures a clear view of refrigerator settings and is controlled with an ergonomic knob. Fitted with an improved cooling unit, the RMD10.5XT achieves the best cooling performance in its class; the freezer can achieve subzero temperatures while operating in near 90-degree F heat, according to the company. The RMD10.5XT versatile interior space can be arranged with an accessory package of smart dividers and containers, allowing for better organization and improved visibility of refrigerator contents. MSRP: $2,136.59.

Dometic Corp. | 800-366-3842



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