Flexible Solar Power

Flex Solar Panels


Looking for a green power source designed for mobile use? Go Power’s thin, ultra-high-efficiency Solar Flex solar panels could be the solution. The Solar Flex GP-Flex series panels use high-efficiency monocrystalline cells to produce more power per square foot than any other flexible panel on the market, according to the company. Unlike rigid solar panels, Solar Flex panels require no mounting brackets or framework, and at just 3 millimeters thick, they can be contoured to mount almost anywhere on a vehicle. Solar Flex panels are clad in a tough, impermeable, marine-grade laminate and can be mounted to metal, rubber, fiberglass and plastic surfaces with parabolic bends up to 30 degrees. Solar Flex kits include the panel, solar controller and MC4 cables.

MSRP: $400 to $1,200
866-247-6527 | www.gpelectric.com



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