Flow Down

FlowDown Sewer Hose

The Flow Down adjustable RV drain-support system from Lippert Components keeps the sewer hose off the ground and adjusts to nearly any slope, preventing backups. The legs of each section can be adjusted by using the plastic knobs, or they can be inverted so the knobs can be used as sturdy platforms in loose soil or mud — no more carrying lumber, rocks or modified PVC pipe. If a bend in the hose is needed to get around an object, just eliminate one section of half pipe and set two double fittings end to end to make the desired angle. One kit extends to more than 10 feet, expandable to 20 feet by adding a second kit. Flow Down sets up quickly and stores in the included bag.

MSRP: $79.99.
574-537-8900 | www.lci1.com/flow-down



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