Freedom Hauler: A Different Sort of Toy Hauler

Freedom Hauler, a toy hauler trailer for RVS

For RVers with motorized toys but no toy hauler, the Freedom Hauler takes the place of a rear garage, transporting everything from an OHV to motorcycles, snowmobiles or a golf cart. The all-steel flatbed carrier, which previously went by the name Idaho Tote, bolts to a patented bracket that is welded on the RV’s frame. It is said to support up to 2,400 pounds, with the wheels and tires carrying most of the burden. Of course, it’s important to account for the additional weight on the rear of the trailer. The Freedom Hauler is legal in all 50 states.
MSRP starts at $7,990.

Freedom Hauler | 208-901-1183


  1. That is great news that the Hauler is legal in all 50 states. I have been planning a drive to Hawaii for a very long time however never did it as I wanted my toys but did not want to get a new trailer. Thanks Freedom Hauler…


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