Fridge Coasters are Good for What Feeds You

Fridge Coasters


If you use the refrigerator in your RV often, you know it’s only a matter of time before shelves and bins start to get stained and sticky from miscellaneous food spills and drips. That’s where Fridge Coasters come in. Created on the notion that you should spend more time enjoying yourself and less time cleaning, Fridge Coasters are natural, absorbent liners that do the dirty work for you. Not only do they help prevent messes, the breathable material helps fruits and vegetables last longer by keeping them off the plastic surface, allowing air to flow underneath, according to the company. Both recyclable and biodegradable, Fridge Coasters are offered in packs for various areas inside the box, and are available for Norcold and Dometic refrigerators.

MSRP: $5 to $18 | 704-750-1912 |




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