Handy Hitch Tote: Hitchport Storage System


It’s hard to find a good location to store a cumbersome weight-distribution ball mount and spring bars where they are easy to access yet out of the way. The Hitchport Storage System allows you to place the system right on the trailer A-frame. One mount holds the ball mount, and another holds the spring bars. By drilling a hole in the front frame crossmember and hooking a chain quick-link through it, you can hook the spring-bar chains neatly to it or use a lock for security. The company says the stainless-steel mounts fit all 2-inch hitch bars and most popular round, square and trunnion-style spring bars.
MSRP: $14.99/Hitch Bar Storage Mount | $15.69/Spring Bar Storage Mount

772-214-0951 | www.hitchport.com



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