HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier

HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier on hitch ball

My husband does the hooking and unhooking of our travel trailer when we go camping. He always complains about having to use gloves to remove the hitch-ball mount so he doesn’t get grease all over himself. The HitchGrip was introduced to us, and he thought it would be a big help.

On our last camping trip, my husband put it to the test. After unhooking the trailer, he easily slid the HitchGrip onto the hitch ball, removed it from the truck and put it in storage without getting grease on his hands or his clothes — or straining his back, a big plus! He gave it an enthusiastic thumbs-up, saying it’s well made, simple to use and very handy. The HitchGrip fits standard ball mounts using a 2 5/16-inch ball.

HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount CarrierSpecifications for HitchGrip Hitch-Ball Mount Carrier
12-gauge steel plates with powder-coated finish
Fits: 2 5/16” ball size; all class III, IV and V weight-distributing hitches
MSRP, base: $39.99; lifetime warranty


  1. I’ve got one of these and it’s a game changer! My hitch weighs 1,000 pounds (well, not quite) and this gizmo makes moving, attaching, and unattaching a breeze.

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