Light My Fire

Sitting around the campfire and exchanging stories can often be the most rewarding part of any RVing trip. Building the campfire, dodging wayward flames and regrowing singed eyebrows, however, aren’t exactly the kind of memories one likes to take home. That’s where The Amazing Campfire in a Can from R & R Leisure Products Corporation can help. Campfire in a Can is designed to make the campfire experience a pleasurable one through its ease of lighting and flame control. Just drop in a manufactured fire log, charcoal briquettes or wood, strike a match and sit back to a roaring fire within minutes, according to the company. The canister top and base are constructed of spun steel and covered with high-temperature powdercoat finish for maximum durability. Also included is a two-piece stainless-steel burner cylinder and grill for some backroad BBQ. The entire unit is less than 11 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter, and weighs 14 pounds.


R & R Leisure
Products Corporation, (702) 617-9339,


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