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Parkit360 Transformer
Parkit360 Transformer

Getting travel trailers into tight spots is simple and safe with the Parkit360 dolly

Few things intimidate some trailer owners more than backing into a tight space, whether it’s at a campsite, RV park or storage lot. Who among us hasn’t encountered a site with a power post, picnic table or other obstruction nearby and wondered if they could get their trailer into place without causing expensive damage? That concern can be magnified when squeezing in between other RVs at night or returning the trailer to a tight storage space. Backup cameras have certainly helped in this regard, but there’s nothing better than being able to take it slow and confirm with your own eyes that you’re going to make it in safely.

That’s where power dollies — also known as trailer movers — come in handy. By attaching them to the A-frame or ball coupler on the trailer, these products allow you to gradually walk the trailer into a spot (or move it by remote control), and stop at any time along the way to make sure you’re clear of any obstructions. When used correctly, they can make moving a large travel trailer as easy as wheeling a small utility trailer into place on the side of your house, for example.

With the freedom to move your trailer into a tight spot, no matter what the circumstances, a power dolly can ease your anxiety and help make RV travel the relaxing experience it should be.

Canadian-made Parkit360 dollies are compact enough to fit in the back of a small car yet powerful enough to move most travel trailers and even fifth-wheels. All models can use almost any 12-volt DC battery in the integrated battery box (including an automotive booster pack, according to the company) or be powered with an 80-inch cable adapter for trailers that have a working battery onboard. Ball-mounted Stableloc technology that locks the existing trailer ball into place means that Parkit360 models are compatible with most trailers right out of the box, and all but the base model come with a brake controller that operates the trailer’s brakes by plugging in the harness. A freewheeling feature allows the user to disengage the unit’s transmission to make it easy to roll to and from the trailer. The Force 5K (from $1,096) is available in three models that can handle 5,000 pounds and up to 900 pounds of hitch weight, and the tall, wide tires (4- or 6.5-inch, depending on the model) are designed to get traction on almost any terrain or gradient. The Force 10K (from $1,342) comes in three models as well and can move up to 10,000 pounds. If you have a heavier travel trailer or fifth-wheel, Parkit360 offers the Transformer ($3,495), which can handle up to 15,000 pounds and includes a kingpin adapter and a wireless remote controller. Parkit360 even offers some customization for its products; contact the company for more details.

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