One Smart Plug

Smart Plug

SmartPlug RV cordsets include a patented straight-blade pin-and-clip system that eliminates overheating at the RV’s inlet connection. The SmartPlug pin-and-clip system provides approximately 20 times the metal-to-metal surface contact to efficiently transfer electricity, which makes this RV cordset much safer than the old twist-type system, according to the company. The SmartPlug inlet includes an internal thermostat that eliminates overheating, actually cutting power to the RV should the inlet temperature exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. RV power is automatically restored when the inlet cools down to about 120 degrees. The SmartPlug is available in 30- or 50-amp versions and is easily installed in the typical four-hole mounting pattern on your RV.

MSRP: $150/cordset; $150/inlet
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