Polymers and Scents

Ah, spring is in the air, with bright sunshine, cool mountain breezes and fresh fish caught from a nearby stream. Problem is, that delicious trout dinner leaves a not-so-delicious trout smell behind, causing campers to evacuate their rigs in search of a more hospitable atmosphere. Aptly named Scentco introduces the Filter Breeze for just such a dilemma. Filter Breeze is a polymer-based pump spray that is applied to the fibers of an air-conditioner filter, thus filling the RV with the rich scent of hazelnut, ocean breeze, cinnamon, tropical wind, pearberry, peach or honeysuckle. The spray is equally effective on register or room-specific filters, according to the manufacturer.


Scentco LLC, (877)
723-6826, www.scentco.net.


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