Put a Lid on It: MaxxAir UniMaxx Universal Vent Lid


Damage from overhanging tree limbs and exposure to the elements can cause leaks in aging RV vent lids that result in costly repairs if they are not replaced. The new MaxxAir UniMaxx universal vent lid makes replacement simple because one lid fits all brands and hinge types by virtue of a unique universal hinge. Once installed, the UniMaxx lid provides moisture-free ventilation and protection from the sun and harsh weather, according to MaxxAir, a division of Airxcel. Available in white or smoke, the lids are made from durable UV-resistant plastic for longevity. The kit comes with rust-resistant hardware and a preassembled lid and hinge.

MSRP: $25.58/white, $32.92/smoke

316-832-3400 | www.airxcel.com/maxxair



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