RV Gear: Rayzar-Sharp Reception

Winegard Rayzar
Photo: Courtesy of Manufacturer

A strong signal is a must for digital TV reception, plus you want to keep your RV’s roofline as low as possible. Winegard’s Rayzar z1 amplified HD antenna fits that criteria perfectly. Compact and powerful, the z1 maxi­- mizes UHF reception and high-band VHF to provide access to the major broadcast networks. Optimized for North American digital TV frequencies, the antenna is said to eliminate interference from non-TV frequencies like radio. With no monthly programming fees, owners can enjoy broadcast news, weather and sports in their RV from anywhere in the United States. The easy-to-in­stall antenna is available in white or black.

MSRP: $109.99
800-288-8094 | www.winegard.com/rayzarz1



  1. I am disappointed with the Razar Z-1 that came on my new camper. My old camper had the Winegard crank up antenna on which I mounted the wing man addition. In my driveway I was able to pick up stations in Grand Rapids about 70 miles away. Now I can’t even pick up my local station in Onandaga a mere 25 miles away. Yes I have the amplifier on and yes I pointed the antenna to the station. Local stations for which I can see their blinking tower lights come in fine. I checked the connections at the wall outlet and all were tight.
    I don’t want to break the seal at the roof to check that connection. Am I the only one seeing the degradation in this antenna?


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