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One of the most effective ways to improve the overall comfort of the RVing experience is to upgrade the standard bed with an adjustable sleeper. With more than 15 years supplying German bed systems, Axel Bloom offers adjustable beds with a frame that’s only 5 inches thick. Because the motors and mechanisms that raise the mattress (at the head, shoulders, back, knees and legs) are integrated into the frame, the system can be placed on top of an RV bed platform, and no holes or other modifications are needed to make room for a motor. Axel Bloom offers a variety of frame sizes (from twin to king), and can also custom-fit a bed system to an RV’s specifications. Axel Bloom’s low-profile, hypoallergenic mattresses have a “cold-foam” core and come with natural fabric covers that are machine-washable and dryable. Frames come with a three-year warranty, and mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty.

MSRP: Starting at $1,750

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  1. I have a Landmark 365 Arlington with RV king bed and would like to see what you have available for this. I do not want/need it to be a split king unless that is the only option.

  2. What did you end up finding as mattress options? We have a Landmark 365 Phoenix and the mattress is not comfortable at all.

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