RV Gear: Auto Flex Air Suspension

Auto-Flex Link Air Suspension
Photo courtesy of the manufacturer

Truck owners can take the harsh ride out of trailer-pulling 1979 to 2016 Ford Super Duty pickups by replacing the rear leaf springs with the Auto Flex 5-Link Air Suspension system, getting the full benefit of riding on air like the big rigs. Auto Flex claims the 5-Link system also prevents wheel hop and enhances rear-suspension travel for better off-pavement performance. An air-valve dump allows the truck to be lowered for loading and unloading, while the system’s self-leveling feature maintains the same ride height whether loaded or empty. The 5-Link kit is designed to be 100 percent bolt-on and includes an onboard air compressor, air tank, shocks, wiring harness and all hardware. Kits are also available for GM, Ram and F-150 trucks.

MSRP: $3,499 | 807-623-0590 | www.autoflexsuspensions.com 



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