photo of Tamron photographer Jim BegleyHaving just visited Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Devils Tower National Parks, I was excited to finally get to Mount Rushmore. The plan was to travel light, so I decided on just one lens; the Tamron 18-400. This lens covers such a huge range and it’s great for any wildlife but also wide enough for landscapes.

Mount Rushmore is a top tourist attraction, so you should always be prepared for a crowd. On this day it was clear and windy. Clouds slowly started to move in, and it seemed like I was losing light. But just as the crowd was thinning out and I was about to leave, I looked over my shoulder and the clouds warmed up and the light was playing across the faces of the four presidents. With my 18-400mm in hand, I was able to zoom in and get this remarkable close-up shot at 62mm, 1/320 sec, F/9, with Tamron 18-400mm all-in-one zooman ISO 400.

Always be patient with the changing weather, you will be surprised with what you might get.

—Jim Begley

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