My camp joe has always been percolator coffee, but I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I just like what I like. What doesn’t bring me joy about my percolator brew is that it takes a while to make. Honestly, most times when we’re out in the RV, I get up, turn on the burner under the coffeepot and crawl back in bed for another 20 minutes or so. It’s just not worth getting up if the coffee’s not ready.

Five components of AeroPress coffee maker.If you’re like me and patience isn’t your thing, or if the trail or trout beckon, the AeroPress is a great way to make coffee posthaste. Just add ground beans and boiling water, and the manually operated AeroPress brews 8 ounces per push, American or espresso style. With simple directions, few parts and 350 provided microfilters, the lightweight and compact AeroPress is pretty much foolproof. MSRP: $29.95

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The dog needs to go for a walk. Now. And I need my coffee. Now. Before the AeroPress, that was a huge dilemma, but no longer. I can be quaffing a cup in a few minutes, and even our little chiweenie, with her tiny bladder, can wait that long.
Bob Dawson, Trailer Life Production Director



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  1. Don’t be put off by article’s title that mentions “espresso.” I’m not a fan of espresso. However, the AeroPress makes an excellent cup of fresh coffee and is extraordinarily convenient. One of my life’s simple pleasures is a hot cup of coffee in a cool or even cold alpine forest. Prior to retirement, I traveled extensively for my job and frequently packed an AeroPress. Now, there is a place in the RV’s cabinet for the simple but superb coffeemaker.


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