Staff Pick: Titan 20-Foot Sewer Hose Kit

Titan 20-Foot Sewer Hose Kit

Chris Dougherty, technical editorStaff Pick >>

We use Thetford Titan kits when conducting RV tests, and they work well. Having two or more hoses is essential for long runs to some sewer connections, and the handle keeps everything clean and neat. The fittings and hose are large but easy to handle.
Chris Dougherty, Trailer Life Technical Editor

Do you enjoy dumping holding tanks with a hose that comes apart at the connections or cracks and leaves sewage in the compartment? If not — and we’d be worried if you said yes — then investing in a good, modern sewer-hose kit is essential. To fit the bill, Thetford offers the premium-quality Titan line of sewer-hose kits and connectors.

Thetford has long been in a leadership role in offering products for RV-sanitation systems that make these inevitable duties easier and better. The foundation of its Titan system is the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) hose, which Thetford claims is crush-proof, flexible and resistant to damage from use in extreme temperatures (we couldn’t crush it). The connectors have four prongs for secure locking, and the ergonomic threaded handle makes twisting into a sewer connection easy.

Available at Camping World, the 20-foot Titan Premium Sewer Kit includes two 10-foot TPE hoses that can be combined when the dump port isn’t near the RV. The kit’s universal adapter is made of translucent material, allowing users to see when the tank has drained, and has a revolving design so the elbow can be positioned in any direction. MSRP: $49.99


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  1. Completely disagree. Possibly the worst purchase I’ve made in some time. In 25 years of camping I’ve never had a hose connector more prone to coming apart than this one. After 1 trip and 3 spills, I threw my $50 purchase in the trash and went back to Rhino hose. The connection between the two 10-foot sections wasn’t tight enough to stay put. The park sewer connection was uphill just enough that I had to walk the hose from camper in order to completely dump. Each time the connection opened up. Thankfully, it was gray water each time. I’m not a newbie and I know what I’m doing. You go ahead and recommend this hose. I do not. If you actually try to use it, don’t say you weren’t warned.

  2. I agree with you — very hard to fit into my storage compartment, not very compressaple and very hard to put the ends together.


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