Staff Pick: TST 507 Series Tire-Monitoring System


Nothing puts a crimp on RV travels like a tire blowout. At best, it means delays and a road-service call. At worst, a wayward tire carcass can tear a hole through the RV floor, rupture LP-gas lines or even damage the RV’s frame. Damage costs start in the hundreds of dollars and go all the way up to a total loss of the RV.

Green box containing tire monitoring componentsTST (Truck System Technologies) specializes in tire-pressure monitoring systems for RVs and commercial trucks. The company’s new 507 Series kits are ideal for trailerists and include six sensors, a repeater and a 3½-inch color display. The systems can monitor pressure and temperature in real time for up to 115 tires, providing visual, audible and textual alerts; the monitor can be used on up to four trailers.

Sensor batteries are claimed to last up to two years, and the programmed code lock isn’t lost when they are replaced. The display has a long-lasting internal battery to operate unplugged or via a USB port with the included cable. Kits are available with flow-through, cap or internal sensors, based on the type of valve stems.

MSRP: $389


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We installed the 507 Series TPMS with six flow-through sensors on a Keystone Montana fifth-wheel, which included the four trailer tires and the spare. Installation was straightforward, and most of the programming and prep work were accomplished before even going out to the fifth-wheel. We particularly like the option of mounting the color display on the dash with the rubber mount or on the windshield with the suction cup. The display’s battery lasts a long time without charging.
Chris Dougherty, Trailer Life Technical Editor


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  1. I bought the TST507 (with suctioning cup holder for the window) and while the monitor works great and is awesome, the holder is plastic, and two of the clips that hold the unit have broken. I need to order a replacement; how do I do that? I was unable to find an accessory page to order from.

  2. Hello Mr. Wilson,

    Please contact our office at your convenience at 770-889-9102, M-F, 9-5 EST. One of our customer service specialists will be happy to assist you with the replacement.

    Thank you for choosing TST!
    Safe Travels
    TST Customer Service

  3. I found out by accident that my 2016 Ford F-350 already HAS a TPMS built in. I only found it when I bought and set up a Banks iDash unit and was scrolling through the zillions of sensors it can measure. So, if I wanted to get another TPMS system so I could monitor my trailer pressure, do you think my Ford’s TPMS would transmit to the new one, or would I have to replace the Ford units? Or better yet, just let the aftermarket system monitor the trailer and let my iDash monitor the truck?


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