Steered Straight: Cognito Idler Pivot with Gusset Kit


Full-size Chevy and GMC pickups, vans and SUVs from 2001 to 2010 may suffer from lazy steering, inducing premature component and tire wear as they get up in miles. Cognito Motorsports has pinpointed a key component that contributes most to the loose steering: the idler pivot assembly and support bracket. Cognito’s Idler Pivot with Gusset Kit (part IPAWG8) comes with a SuperSteer SS175 cast-aluminum idler-arm support with heavy-duty tapered roller bearings designed to reduce play and eliminate “steering slop.” It also includes a weld-in gusset to strengthen the mounting support on the frame, stopping flex, according to the manufacturer. The kit fits all models, 2WD and 4WD.
MSRP: $220

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  1. Nice idea. GM has a grease fitting on this item, but it’s difficult to see, and even more difficult to actually grease. I replaced this fitting and five others with right-angle fittings and grease them every six months. My original pivot has no slop at 150K. I expect it will last much longer with proper care. A correspondingly difficult spot to reach is the one at the end of the Pittman arm.

    These vehicles are not passenger sedans with lifetime-sealed fittings. They must be greased regularly. Not sure the quickie oil change places can even find all the spots.


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