The Casserole Queens Cookbook

Two women holding casseroles with aprons on, on cover of cookbook with cherries as outlining

Nothing says home quite like the 
smell of chicken pot pie or a homemade casserole filling your RV on a 
cozy winter evening. “The Casserole Queens Cookbook,” by Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock (Clarkson Potter, 208 pages, paperback), includes all the classics with
 some modern spins — and even
 chapters on delectable desserts and 
figure-friendly dishes. The book’s introduction explains how you can prep casseroles at home, freeze them and then pop them in the trailer’s oven to enjoy a home-cooked meal without dirtying lots of pots and pans in the RV. Most of the recipes call for fresh ingredients, with the option to substitute canned or frozen.

“The Casserole Queens Cookbook” retails for $17.99 and is available at most bookstores.


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