Thinking Smart: Thetford SmartTote2


Filling up the holding tank unexpectedly while parking in a site without full hookups can make dumping more difficult, if you don’t want to vacate the spot. Portable tanks that can be filled and taken to the nearest dump station have been around for some time, and Thetford, one of the major manufacturers of such tanks, has refined its classic rolling model with the SmartTote2. The SmartTote2 portable waste tank is available in two- and four-wheel options and can carry from 12 to 35 gallons of waste without making a mess. It’s ready to use with many built-in provisions like an AutoStop Level Gauge and a retractable hose with a cap to prevent overfilling (not available on the 12-gallon model), rubber wheels and a tow strap or handle.

MSRP: $97 to $319 | 800-543-1219 |



  1. Warning! The Thetford Smarttote 2 only works if you have slide gate valves on the end of your tank drain pipe. I have a Keystone Cougar 334 RDB with the polar package. All the slide gates are tucked up in the belly which would cause the Smarttote to over fill. A messy situation I don’t want to get into. So, I am going to have to add secondary slide gates at the end of my pipes. An additional expense I wasn’t expecting to have to make. Still, the Thetford is a better design than the Tote-n-Store I originally purchased. 37 gallons tote weighs over 300 pounds and on 2 wheels. What a pain!

  2. I have a Thetford 35 gal. model and wouldn’t leave home without it. We typically go camping in state parks that have a central dump station. Moving the RV to do this chore can be a real PITA. This tank system has saved me a lot of hassle. Well worth the money…


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