RV Gear: Rescue Tape to the Rescue

Rescue Tape


When it comes to RV ownership, making minor repairs is part of the real world. Rescue Tape is one of those products that can help mend leaking hoses or plumbing, insulate frayed wire or even serve as a temporary fan belt. Rescue Tape is a multipurpose silicone repair tape that has a 950-psi tensile strength, and can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and insulate up to 8,000 volts. Rescue Tape bonds to itself; wrap it around a pipe, and the leak is sure to stop. It can easily be used to shrink-wrap wire and is said to even seal hydraulic fittings. Available in a slew of sizes and colors, this military-inspired tape is fire-resistant, waterproof, extra resilient to chemicals and a must-have for any RVer.
MSRP: $21.95, two-pack

702-953-0968 | www.rescuetape.com



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