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RV Armor
Photographer: Chris Hemer
The RV Armor roof is extremely durable, flexible and tough, plus it’s resistant to fungus, salt, acids and most chemicals. According to the company, it won’t crack, peel or chalk.


With its unique liquid-applied, UV-resistant system, RV Armor offers the final solution for RV roof problems

Ask any RV owner, and they’ll probably tell you that the thing that worries them most about their RV is its roof. It’s easy to understand why. The roof stands up to the forces of Mother Nature, providing protection from rain, snow and hail, and it doesn’t help matters that something as small as a cracked strip of caulking can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage. Interior stains, mold and mildew infiltration, and delamination of the side walls are all common issues caused by a roof that is failing in one way or another, and a hot, dry climate is no assurance of immunity to these problems. UV rays can cause rubber roofs to blister, peel and crack, and all roof types can suffer from chalking and fading over time. Protecting the roof with a high-quality RV cover is an obvious solution, but you can’t do that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Or can you?

RV Armor says you can. Through a painstaking process of rigorous inspection, cleaning, repair and a liquid-applied membrane and roof system, RV Armor says it can effectively make your RV roof maintenance-free, yielding what the company claims will be the last roof your RV will ever need. In fact, they guarantee it with a lifetime warranty for materials and labor that is transferable and not prorated. Perhaps best of all, there’s no need to drive to a shop to have the RV Armor system applied; a nationwide network of factory-trained technicians stands at the ready to visit wherever you may be and can even treat your roof while you continue to live in the RV.

Based in Florida, RV Armor is the brainchild of Lee Thaxton, a third-generation roofing contractor and full-time RVer. For years, he and his wife, Carol, had searched for a way to tie his commercial roofing expertise and product knowledge into the lifestyle they were passionate about, and RV Armor was born.

The process is most commonly applied to problematic rubber roofs but may also be used on one-piece fiberglass, TPO, vinyl, metal and even directly on wood decking. RV Armor technicians can also replace or repair wood damage, repair damaged membrane, and replace vents and skylights. In short, RV Armor offers a one-stop, one-time solution to roof problems, and the system typically costs 30 to 50 percent less than a roof tear-off or replacement, according to the company.

The process usually takes two full days to complete but may take up to three. Once finished, the RV Armor roof is extremely durable, flexible and tough, plus it’s resistant to fungus, salt, acids and most chemicals. The UV-resistant formula has a temperature range of minus-75 degrees to 350 degrees F, and the company says it won’t crack, peel, chip or chalk. As a side benefit, the bright white coating (also available in gray or tan) can even net an improvement in thermal efficiency, keeping the RV cooler in hot summer months.

The owner of the 2013 RV shown in these photos wanted it to be the last one he ever owns — so even though the roof was in relatively good condition, he elected to have it treated to the RV Armor process before it began to degrade. We met the owner and RV Armor installation technician Luis Mendes at a storage lot near the owner’s home in La Verne, California. Mendes was prompt, courteous and very detail-oriented, carefully explaining the process to the owner before and during the installation.
In the end, we were impressed with the final result and could see no reason why the treated roof would not live up to the company’s claim of lifetime durability.

The RV lifestyle should be worry-free. If the roof of your RV is a concern, RV Armor could be the ideal solution. The company even offers financing.

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