Turbokool evaporator cooler

If you have a small trailer that doesn’t justify the cost or added weight of a roof air-conditioning unit, TurboKool offers an evaporative cooling system (commonly called a swamp cooler) that runs on 12-volt DC power. According to the company, the TurboKool draws as little as 4.6 amps on the high setting, so it can be used when dry camping with adequate battery power. Along with cooling incoming air by 15 to 29 degrees, the company claims the product’s “spin-spray” action washes out dust, pollen and impurities. Designed to fit all standard 14 x 14-inch RV roof vents, TurboKool can deliver up to 750 cfm of air. MSRP: $668
800-326-4410 | www.turbokool.com




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