Universal Towing Mirrors

Towing Mirror

Grand Aero’s Towing Mirrors are said to dramatically improve rearward visibility while towing. A universal fit makes them compatible with mirrors on all trucks and SUVs. Aside from a much wider field of view, they are fully adjustable and can be taken from one vehicle to another, so they never become obsolete. The company claims they do not interfere with electric mirror function. Grand Aero Towing Mirrors can be purchased at Amazon.com and Camping World.

MSRP: $116.95


  1. Looks like a great gadget, although somewhat expensive. I assume the suggested MSRP price is for a set of 2 mirrors. The grand aero blog has been removed, at least it wouldn’t load for me.

  2. A couple of the magazines that I take, Popular Mechanics as an example,have lately been using “difficult to read” color/print combinations. Yellow box with white print as an example. Older readers and those with reduced vision have trouble with these and it is my hope that Trailer Life will not start using such combinations.


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