A Scratch Kit for the Paint Perfectionist

Trizact Scratch Kit

No matter how careful you are with your vehicles, scratches are inevitable, and that tree-branch scuff on an otherwise gleaming paint job can be as annoying as something stuck in your teeth. For paint perfectionists, 3M offers the new drill-activated Trizact Precision Scratch Kit. As long as only minor scratches affecting the clearcoat or single-stage paint afflict the vehicle, the kit can restore the surface without having to pay a professional, according to 3M. The repair process requires sanding, compounding and polishing, and the package contains three buffing pads (including a 3,000-grit sanding pad), a drill-pad adapter, and compounds for buffing and scratch removal.

MSRP: $19.99 at Walmart
888-364-3577 | www.3m.com




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