He’s a Magic Man

Randy Grubb's Magic Bus
Created by Randy Grubb, the Magic Bus is a double-decker motorhome skinned with polished aluminum. Using the frame of a GMC Motorhome, the front end of a Divco delivery truck and a Volkswagen bus as the second deck, it’s truly a work of art.
Photos by Cate Battles

Automotive wizard Randy Grubb conjures up one-of-a-kind RVs and other unique vehicles in his Oregon workshop. 

Randy Grubb isn’t just a hot-rod builder; he’s an automotive-sculpture artist. Grubb’s latest masterpiece, the Magic Bus, was built at his shop in Grants Pass, Oregon, and completed after 18 months and 6,000 hours of labor. Much like his previous project, the DecoLiner, a motorhome-truck combo, this new creation is a double-decker bus skinned with polished aluminum, with Art Deco echoes and a ’60s twist.

Combining the chassis of a GMC motorhome, the front of a Divco delivery truck, and a 1962 Volkswagen bus as the second deck, the Magic Bus is a blend of old and new. One of the coolest features is an elevator that rises to the second deck where a sunroof opens to enjoy the breeze. If you have deep pockets and are in the market for a unique RV that’s truly a work of art, pay a visit to Randy-Grubb’s Garage and start dreaming.

Author, artist, blogger and full-time RV Cate BattlesAuthor, photographer and artist Cate Battles travels the country full time with her husband, Chad, in their renovated, mural-painted 1976 Airstream Argosy. The couple’s travel blog, Argosy Odyssey, chronicles their adventures as they tour North America with their pet goat and dog.

You can read more of Cate’s dispatches for Trailer Life here and follow the Battles on Instagram and Facebook.



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