Escape’s highly customizable molded-fiberglass travel trailer is a lightweight option with a long life span.

Silhouette of Escape 21-Foot trailer.To satisfy a wide range of buyers, manufacturers have loaded the latest RVs with crowd-pleasing features, but beyond what’s in the option packages, choices can be limited. For a greater degree of customization, ordering from the factory is worth considering.

A case in point is the line of factory-direct travel trailers and fifth-wheels from Escape Trailer Industries of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Sixteen years after launching its initial 17-footer, Escape has earned a devoted following by building highly customizable molded-fiberglass trailers that are small enough to tow just about anywhere.

Escape travel trailer on the waterfront.
Molded construction results in a structurally sound fiberglass body that is waterproof, easy to clean and long lasting.

One of the company’s best sellers, the 21-Foot Escape is outfitted with a wet bath, a dedicated bed and a convertible dinette, along with a two-burner cooktop and a three-way RV refrigerator. The long list of options starts with a microwave, stereo system and wireless backup camera. Air conditioning, extra insulation and thermal windows add comfort year-round, and custom upgrades for flooring, counters and upholstery result in trailers that are truly tailor-made.

Base price is $33,650 Canadian or about $25,500 in U.S. currency at press time.

An Escape trailer on the road in Moab, Utah.
With a dry weight of 3,210 pounds, the 21-Foot Escape can be pulled by midsize vehicles rated to tow 5,000 pounds or more.

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  1. I really like the Escape 19′ and the Escape 21′ travel trailers. I used to want a 5.0 5th Wheel Escape, but would lose the truck bed space of my 5.7L Tundra, even though it could tow the pin weight nicely. What do you recommend for a 65-year-old, single senior to be towing on the road a lot who is new to the RVing life-style? I assume that the fifth-wheel if the most expensive travel trailer. Thanks.

    • Solon: That’s a question for RV Clinic. Email your question to [email protected] and include your full name and hometown. Selected letters will be answered in the magazine and published on the Trailer Life website.


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