Dutchmen 202RBS Walkthrough

Dutchmen 202RBS
Dutchmen 202RBS

Dutchmen has a wide selection of travel trailers and fifth-wheels to offer the adventurous traveler out to discover America. Some of the hottest-selling units with the most useful floorplans and features are among Dutchmen’s “half-ton towable” category of travel trailers.

The Dutchmen 202RBS is light enough for most half-ton trucks, yet it has features that will make you feel like you’ve taken a part of your home with you on the road. The 202RBS is defined by a wide-open, single-room layout, with a three-quarter bath and dressing room at the back. A bedroom with a queen mattress is at the head of the trailer, and has windows on both sides of the bed large enough to brighten up the room. The slide-out dining area greatly expands the living space in the 202RBS. It has an oversized U-shaped dinette that’s a comfortable area for four adults to eat or play games. The dinette can be converted into another sleeping space the size of a double bed. The slideout room also has a flush floor to prevent stubbed toes and provide more vertical clearance. With square footage at a premium the entertainment center is placed against the back wall, next to the bathroom door. This location, prepped for a 42-inch flat screen, makes the TV viewable from two-thirds of the dining area and from the bed. In addition to the TV prep, the 202RBS comes standard with an exterior speaker and stereo system control panel, so you can listen to music inside or outside.

Dutchmen 202RBS Bedroom
Dutchmen 202RBS Bedroom

The master bed was a little short for my height. While it is listed as a queen, the sloping nose of the trailer is also the headboard. As such, your head can’t get all the way to the top of the bed. This six-footer found his heels hanging off the end of the bed. On the other hand, the convertible dinette bed was just long enough for me to be comfortable. The difference is only two inches, 71 inches verses 73 inches in bed length. However, when you’re tall, that can make all the difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

The bathroom was surprisingly spacious. This is due to the ergonomic design that placed the toilet on an angle for more space on the sides and front, and a shower that is also angled for the same reason. In addition, the sink is reasonably sized for such a small space. The optional skylight ($116) turns what could be a dark space into a warm and well-lit area.

Dutchmen 202RBS Kitchen
A cozy kitchen and master bedroom with a queen mattress fill the single-room Dutchmen.

The kitchen was not much smaller than the one in my first apartment, and that was microscopic, but we have to admit it is nicely outfitted, with a standard stovetop and optional oven ($218), fridge-freezer and dual sink. This unit also came with a microwave. The microwave is up and out of the way, and large enough to really cook with. The three-burner stove has enough space for large pots and pans, and the oven is large enough for baking a pie or casserole. All the appliances had black finishes, and matched well with the darker wood cabinets.

As reviewed, our trailer had the optional value-added package ($4,350), which included a power awning, power tongue jack, and power front and rear stabilizers. Other niceties such as keyless entry, 6-gallon gas/electric water heater, aluminum wheels and full window shades are also part of the package.

Dutchmen 202RBS Dinette
The dining area will comfortably seat four and converts to a small bed.

Regarding storage, the Dutchmen 202RBS has lots of it, beginning outside with a full pass-through compartment across the nose of the trailer. This compartment can be accessed from either side and from an access hatch next to the master bed. The bed hinges up and is supported by gas struts. Above and beside the master bed headboard are storage cabinets. The slide has storage under the seats and the kitchen area is chock full of cabinets in every conceivable location. Even small undersink spaces are finished inside and fitted with a door for cabinet space. The bath has storage under the sink, a medicine cabinet and a small closet area with cabinet space and drawers, too.

On the liquid side, the 202RBS offers fairly generous capacities for a trailer of this size. It can carry 52 gallons of fresh water and 42 gallons each of black/gray water.

The pass-through storage compartment was large enough to stow just about any lengthy gear you can conceive carrying. The ability to access it from inside the trailer means that food, blankets and other things you might want can be placed where you can reach them without going out into the dark and/or rain. We found the interior layout to be quite user-friendly, and we love all the storage space. The standard 13,500-Btu AC unit impressed us as it quickly cooled down the trailer on a hot day and kept it cold as we entered and exited all day. During our towing exercises, the trailer pulled easily and tracked predictably. It’s also compact enough to make it manageable in smaller campgrounds and parking lots. Overall, we found the Dutchmen 202RBS to be a practical, attractive and comfortable trailer.

Dutchmen 202RBS Floorplan
Dutchmen 202RBS Floorplan



Ext. Length: 24’
Ext. Width: 8’
Ext. Height: 11’ 4”
Int. Height: 6’ 10”
Freshwater Cap: 52 gal.
Black-/Gray-Water Cap: 42/42 gal.
Hitch Weight: 682 lbs.
Dry Weight: 5,050 lbs.
GVWR: 7,600 lbs.
BASE MRSP: $18,836

Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc., 574-537-0600, www.dutchmen-rv.com


  1. The 2013 Dutchmen Dutchmen Lite 202RBS is a great little travel trailer.

    My huband and I purchased this trailer August of 2012 (brand-spanking new) and we live in it full-time. Today is March 26, 2013, so you can believe we’ve had plenty of opportunity to gain the expertise to report on it’s value. As David mentioned in his comment, there is no window on one side of the bed, but the entry door is at the foot of the bed, so it feels like there is a window on both sides. The queen bed is short, as Trent mentioned, but my husband and I are under 6 feet in height.

    At first, I felt that maybe we had gone too small with a 20 foot trailer, but the storage space in this unit is phenomenal. We have a photobooth business and we were able to store the photobooth equipment in the pass through space at the front of the unit.

    In regards to any issues we’ve had, we did have a problem with the slideout not rolling in an out smoothly, but Camper’s World, the dealer we purchased this unit from, were great about fixing it at no charge. The other issue, which occurred right away, happened when we had a satelite repairman install a Direct Tv connection. He messed with the wiring inside the unit, which should not have been touched, according to the dealer. All he had to do was connect to the outside cable hookup. They fixed this at no extra charge for us too.

    All appliances are great. It’s so light, we tow it with a Chevy Suburban. The large rear bath is what made us choose this unit and we are thankful every day that we did.

    The only thing we have a problem with today is that the upholstery fabric in the dining booth is peeling where it touches the wall. I believe the moisture that comes from heat condensation is the cause. We are in the process of seeng what the manufacturer will do for us in this situation, as it is still under warranty.

    So, would we recommend this unit to others? Most definitely.


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