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There’s no shortage of small, lightweight camping trailers for towing behind the family car, SUV or pickup. Attracting the attention of outdoor enthusiasts from Millennials to Baby Boomers, these mini campers have a small footprint but can be surprisingly big on features. Here’s a look at some of the latest tiny trailers — teardrop-shape, expedition-style and more traditional ultralight towables — that are giving beefier RVs a run for the money.

Trailer Roundup
New-Era Teardrops

A fresh crop of nostalgic streamlined camping trailers combines retro looks and modern technology



Trailer Roundup
Rough and Ready

The new expedition-style tent trailers take the dirt roads less traveled — or even forsake roads entirely



Trailer Test
Turtleback Expedition

Touring the backcountry in style with an 11½-foot off-road trailer, a rooftop tent and all the essentials


Trailer Roundup
Travel Light

Nimble trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating under 3,500 pounds


Trailer Test
Forest River R-pod

Ideal for couples of all ages, the 20-foot, single-slideout RP-180 matches up with a midsize pickup or SUV

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  1. Editors, please remember the large number of aging Baby Boomers lacking any pension other than the meager amount from Social Security and who labored endlessly at pittance income levels. Many of us are having to sell the small houses we bought due to costs involved, inability to do the work required to maintain the place, etc.

    Many of us are seeking small travel trailers not for travel/recreation. Nope. That is where we will live full-time with the trailer parked permanently (hopefully) in a low-cost quiet place. I would predict bountiful sales for the firm catering to the masses seeking low-cost living. Trailer Life has an opportunity to be on the cutting age of trailer media by including folks such as I in your target market or, better yet, starting a new magazine with the growing aging underclass in the forefront and… sadly… aim your sights at the also growing underclass in younger generations. The ever-increasing percentage of national wealth in the hands of the few ensures cheap living will be a growing movement. Hoovervilles will rise again.


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