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Beat the Shutdown: 7 Alternatives to National Parks

So you’ve planned that long-awaited RV trip to Florida’s Everglades National Park, only to discover that the recent government shut down has curtailed many of the amenities that help make the visit a pleasant experience. Should you cancel your reservations to nearby RV campgrounds? The answer is no, according to some travel experts, and the

Click and Explore North America

Use Good Sam Camping’s Explore tool for travel itineraries, tourism info and great destinations in every state and province in North America. Select your destination on our handy interactive map and start planning your adventure today! From the Explore Tab home page, find your desired state or province on the interactive map and click (you can also

50 Things We Love About Texas

1. Texas Hospitality 2. Paso Del Rio, or River Walk, the Jewel of the City (San Antonio) 3. Fresh from the Gulf shrimp and oysters 4. Exploring the pine and hardwood forests of the Piney Woods of East Texas 5. Saying howdy 6. The Alamo 7. Texas’ wide open spaces 8. Hiking Enchanted Rock State

California State Parks in Limbo

Article provided courtesy of RVBusiness.com. Stashed Funds May Delay Park Closures California Gov. Jerry Brown will work with lawmakers to determine how some of the $54 million stashed by the parks department can be used to help keep state parks open, a spokeswoman for the governor said Monday (July 23) as supporters who helped raise