10-Minute Tech: An Easy RV-UV Awning Guard

Photo showing RV awning protected by corrugated drain pipe

After replacing the awning on my RV due to UV damage when it was stored outside and uncovered, I found a simple solution to block the sun’s rays. I bought a piece of 4-inch corrugated solid drain pipe ($3 at the local Habitat for Humanity nonprofit organization), cut it to the length of the awning and then cut about 2 inches out of the diameter, and slipped it around the awning. To figure out how much of the diameter to cut out, I practiced with a 12-inch “demo” section and cut a little bit off at a time until I knew what would work.

I use this only when my RV is in storage and always take it off before moving the RV.

Kent Miller | Santa Rosa, California


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  1. I found another great option to be a length of “plastic rain gutter” turned upside down over the awning lengthwise. It is light and can be secured while in storage with a bungee cord at either end. It has saved my awning enormously here in the Arizona intense UV sun rays.

  2. When two RVs, reverse camp awning to awning, the plastic rain gutter between each awning edge can collect early morning dew or rainwater through the lower end of the gutter in a bucket/pail. Gutter is attached to both awnings with adjustable straps, with a C-rail device at each end, located in the side curtain C-rail channel. With front end of gutter blocked off and securely attached to the folded awning, safe when traveling and reduces dust collection.


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