10-Minute Tech: Come to Grips

End cap on RV bumper for sewer hose

I store the sewer hose for my RV in the rear bumper with the end caps attached. Unfortunately, this made it difficult to get a good grip on the cap when removing the hose. My solution was to drill a small hole into the grip of the cap we use to seal off the hose and attach a cord with a loop in it. Now I just grab the cord and pull.

Donald Parmer | Fortson, Georgia


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  1. even easier if you have the standard 4″ bumper hose storage; buy Camco’s magnetic bumper cap. it has lugs for the hose and stays attached to the bumper between hose friction and magnets under the cap. Further it will vent your hose with insect resistant holes. If your hose is tight you can pop the cap off the bumper and get your fingers behind the cap to pull it out.


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