10-Minute Tech: Get a Grip

The woven-web plastic handle that came with the water-softener tank was wearing out and needed to be replaced. The new handle had to be something substantial that would make lifting the heavy and bulky tank easy. I cut a 1¼-inch wooden dowel to fit the width of the water-supply housing.

I then drilled two 9/32-inch holes in the dowel and threaded a length of ¼-inch poly rope through each hole, making loops to fit around the water fittings. I tied figure-eight knots and burnished the ends with a torch to prevent unraveling.

Dan Quinn | Sioux Falls, South Dakota



    • Dude I was amazed. Tree sap covered my borrowed RV. Nothing would get it off. Tide bleach sponges wiped it right off. I told the wife she was crazy but it worked. Saved me hours of worrk!


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