10-Minute Tech: Hitch-Bar Storage Mount

photo showing RV hitch bar storage system

I have used a system for the past five years to lock and store out of the way the trailer’s Equal-i-zer hitch bars when we are in a campground. It was easy to make and doesn’t interfere with any operation of the bars.

Basically, the holder consists of two square U-bolts installed around the A-frame of the trailer (no drilling necessary), which are available at most hardware stores, and two 2½-inch metal-conduit, rigid pipe straps attached to the bottom of the U-bolts so they stick out under the side of the frame. One holds up the front of the bar, and the other holds up the end. The U-bolts (sized to fit the A-frame) are slipped over the frame and tightened, then the pipe straps are slipped onto the U-bolts.

Even with my Forest River Windjammer’s V-nose front, the back U-bolt slips under the body of the trailer. In the front strap, I drilled a hole the same size as the hole in the hitch bar so I can put a long-shackle padlock through it.

On my trailer, the holders are high enough to be out of the way of anything when the bars are in the “hooked-up” mode, and they work very well. When our trailer is in indoor storage, the bars are put on the holders, and the padlock is left unlocked.

Chuck Derry | Dexter, Michigan


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