10-Minute Tech: Hitch Dolly

A DIY trailer hitch dolly constructed by Bill Vanhook, of York, South Carolina and submitte dto Trailer Life 10-minute tech

As I have gotten older, the trailer hitch ball mount has gotten heavier. So I made a dolly to transport the ball mount to and from the truck. I started with a small dolly that has four swivel casters. I then made a support for the ball mount out of 2-by-6-inch lumber and plywood. The height is calculated so the ball-mount stinger lines up with the receiver. A minor amount of effort is required to slide the ball mount into the receiver or to remove it.

Bill Vanhook | York, South Carolina


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  1. Ingenious! Many times I hitch up the travel trailer and just meet my husband at the campground. The trailer hitch ball mount is a bear to bring out of the garage! This is exactly what I need/want/am gonna get ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I was having trouble too. Because we remove the ball mount when we’re staying somewhere for multiple days, I’m making a transporter from a wood tray attached to a car jack. That way, the height is adjustable. And the tray is removable in case I need the jack for its original purpose.


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