10-Minute Tech: Hitching a Ride

J hooks on side of trailer holding WD hitch spring bars
Photo: Robert Warner

Black heavy-duty double J-hook on white backgroundI installed heavy-duty J-shaped storage utility double hooks on each side of my Keystone Cougar travel trailer’s A-frame to hold the weight-distributing spring bars when at a campsite to keep them off the ground. I bought the hooks from Amazon and installed them with ¼-inch self-tapping screws. It works great.

Robert Warner | Troutdale, Oregon


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  1. How do you secure them? You don’t think that people would be willing to walk off with them while you were gone? I have been camping for over 40 years, and before now I would always trust people in an RV campground. Not anymore. People just don’t care anymore for what’s right. I would not trust something as important as parts to my trailer hitch to being left out in the open. I lock mine up in the compartments when not in use.

  2. Larry . . . I had the same idea also. The other thing would be about drilling holes into the frame. Might or might not weaker the frame and a point source for corrosion. Might try a clamp on option with a cable lock to secure the bars. Just a thought.

  3. I lock them by the chains to my safety (break away) chains ! Also lock my ball & receiver mount into the trailer coupler. Nobody can hook up when I’m gone.

  4. Today you can’t really lock anything valuable in your RV garage because anyone that has a 751 key can get into it and that is a lot of people. Even with newer cam locks someone can pop open the door with ease. I store my bars in a case in the backseat of my truck under seat.


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