10-Minute Tech: Ladder Lodging

Under-RV folding ladder storage system

I made a storage tube for my 25-pound, 7-foot double-rung folding ladder out of a 5-by-5-by-96-inchplastic fence post with caps on each end. The storage tube is attached to the underside of the trailer via 3/8-by-6-by-7-inch square U-bolts using nylock nuts on either side of the trailer’s frame. I cut the tube so it is 6 inches longer than the ladder when folded up. One end of the tube is sealed off with a fence-post cap using PVC glue and screws. At the other end, I riveted on a fence-post cap with a stainless hinge and hasp for easy access to the ladder.

To keep the ladder from sliding around inside the tube and hitting the end caps while underway, I drilled two holes at each end and added bolts that run horizontally. I cut the threaded end off two ½-by-8-inch hex bolts to make them ½-inch longer than the width of the post. I put flat washers on each side of both bolts, run the bolts through the holes and use hairpin clips to keep the bolts from sliding out.

Tim O’Hara | Wichita Falls, Texas

Editor’s note: These folding ladders can be found at rvupgradestore.com, Camping World and Amazon.


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    • Tim O’Hara suggested going to RVUpgrades.com for the ladder and accessory shelf. “Tell John to order the GP Logistics RDT red top accessory shelf if buying a double-sided ladder,” he said.


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