10-Minute Tech: No-Trip Cables

My wife came up with this awesome solution to keep us from tripping over the satellite-dish cables to our RV. Slice a swim noodle partway through lengthwise and put the cables inside. We use three noodles to cover the distance of the cable’s length from the dish to the entry point of our trailer. We are even able to bring one noodle up into the water and sewer port from under the trailer (inset photo). The highly visible colors of the noodles prevent us from tripping on the satellite or cables. Sections are connected with painter’s tape to preserve the noodles for many uses. Any extra cable is rolled and tucked into the outside compartment next to the utility panel. We store the noodles (not our sewer hoses!) in the RV’s rear square bumper when not in use.

Bud Linardy | Mayer, Arizona




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