10-Minute Tech: Put the Clamps On

We do not have gas struts on the upper cabinet doors in our RV. It has always been a hassle to hold a door open while putting things inside or taking them out, so I installed a baggage-door holder on the ceiling for each cabinet. Problem solved.

Dennis Andreas | Boise, Idaho

Tech editor’s note: Be sure to use properly sized screws so you don’t breach the roof. Also, you want to keep the screws from pulling through the ceiling material. Using double-sided mounting tape in addition to the screws would be helpful.



  1. Those clamps clearly work, but why not just install gas struts yourself? My wife found some good ones online, and I installed them on five overhead doors in just over an hour. One caution: I had issues with one of the two mounting brackets that came with each, so I had to switch out which ones I was using. We’d bought too many struts, so it worked out well.

  2. Three or four years ago I purchased from Camping World several very inexpensive spring-loaded (not gas) struts about 7 inches long. They work great in three of my RV’s converted cabinet doors. Takes an easy 10-minute install.

  3. I put in 7-inch gas struts, and I am much more comfortable about the door not falling and hitting me. The struts were $12 for 2 and took 10 minutes to install, and I don’t have holes in my roof.

  4. When I saw this, I thought “What an AWESOME idea!!!” I can’t believe everyone poo-pooing it!! It’s so much simpler and easier than the struts! If you don’t want holes in the ceiling, use the oh-so-popular Command Strips! I’m going to do t!! Thanks for a great idea!!


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