10 Minute Tech: Rest Easy Bunk Bed

Trailer Life reader submitted tip to build rails on side of bunk bed in RV

What sold us on our 2017 Coleman 17FQ travel trailer was that the rear bunk beds each had their own window, which excited our two children. We love almost everything about the trailer except that the bunk beds are a single over double with no side protection for the top single. There was a fear of our daughter potentially rolling out of bed and falling in her sleep.

Trailer Life reader submitted tip to build rails on side of bunk bed in travel trailerUsing some cedar post I had in the garage, interior paint that was previously used in our living room, and a few corner brackets and wood screws, I installed four horizontal posts, eliminating the large gap. Corner brackets anchor the posts to the wall studs, and single heavy-duty 3-inch wood screws with flat washers attach the posts to the bunk bed itself.  It matches enough to make my wife happy and holds a decent amount of weight to allow my daughter to store extra pillows and her duffle bag. It’s a space saver and safety project all in one.

Steve Albarado | Ventura, California


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