10-Minute Tech: See and Be Seen

Phto shows blinker light added to travel trailer

We’ve been towing one travel trailer or another for about 25 years. Many times on multilane highways, motorists in the next lane have “hovered” beside us — far enough ahead that they can’t see the trailer lights yet far enough back that they can’t see my tow vehicle’s lights. To let drivers know that I intend to change lanes, I added midship-side turn-signal lights.

I’m particularly fond of the Grote model 53133 rectangular turn-signal lenses, which retail for about $8 each. The only other cost is the wire extending from the junction box (typically mounted under or near the A-frame) to the mounting point on each side. I usually replace the midship marker light with the dual-purpose Grote light.

An added advantage is that I can now confirm by looking in my rearview mirror that the trailer is plugged in to the tow vehicle and that the turn signals are working. Of course, the lights also come on when I’m braking, and that’s OK, too!

Michael P. Gleason | Bangor, Maine


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