10-Minute Tech: Shower Conversion

Downsizing to a small trailer made camping more authentic but put storage at a premium. Our new Rockwood Geo Pro has a tub/shower we will never use since we stay at campgrounds with shower facilities so I converted this space into additional storage by adding shelves.

I built a frame to hold two ½-inch-thick plywood shelves with 1-by-3-inch framing lumber and used gray spray paint to match it to the existing decor. Limited space meant assembling the unit in place using wood screws on the cross bracing. To help keep the unit against the wall, I attached adhesive hook-and-loop strips to the back of the framing where it joins the shower wall. These strips run the full length of the uprights.

Prior to installing the shelving, I removed the showerhead but left the shower curtain, since when it’s closed it helps keep items from tumbling off the shelves during travel. We now have much-needed storage for our clothing and towels, and the tub basin makes an ideal laundry hamper.

Jamie Schmidt | Calgary, Alberta


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  1. I want to rip out the toilet we never use and put in a sink. Not sure how much that is going to cost. I also want to install a shower stall and get rid of the bathtub I never will use. Will add for much needed storage that I will want once I go nomadic RV. Thanks for the idea.

    • Why rip out the toilet? Where do you go in the middle of the night? Maybe, you should give up camping, go to a motel or trade it in on something you really want and need! Wow!


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