10-Minute Tech: Spotless Shower Tracks

Clean Shower Tracks

I like to keep the lower shower-door tracks in our KZ Durango fifth-wheel looking nice and clean. To do that, I purchased a four-pack of ½-inch-thick 3-by-4-inch sponges and cut one of them into thirds. After showering, I simply slide the three glass doors to one side and insert the small sponges into the tracks next to the shower doors. I insert the larger sponges in the opposite end of the tracks and slide them toward the smaller sponges. I then rotate the sponges and make another pass on the track. To clean the other side, I remove the sponges, slide the shower doors to the other end of the track and repeat the process. Voilà! Clean and dry shower-door tracks!
Deborah Johannes | Box Elder, South Dakota


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