10-Minute Tech: Wash and Go

Shower cutoff valve installed on shower hose

KES shut off valve closeupOur friends told us they would get a blast of cold water while taking showers when using the on/off valve on the showerhead to conserve water. The first two trailers we owned didn’t do this, but when we purchased our third one, we understood what they were going through.

The dealer told us this is something you just have to put up with. My husband, who was a maintenance engineer for 40 years, wouldn’t accept this and came up with an easy fix. He installed an on/off faucet and shower valve (right) from KES at the base of the shower hose, which took about 10 minutes. He had tried “big-box store” valves, but they leaked. No more cold showers, and as a bonus, the valve is easier to find and use when we’re all soaped up.

Bernie and Skeeter Meyer | Neenah, Wisconsin


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