10-Minute Tech: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

When I wanted to check inside my RV while the cover was on, it was hard to open the entry door without bringing out a ladder to open the full-height zipper on the cover. I created a handy homemade tool to make it more convenient.

To start, I found a wood dowel that is long enough to reach the top of my RV. I cut a slot in the end to seat a nail and tightened the wood around it with zip ties. Or you can simply pound a nail into the end of the dowel after drilling a starter hole. Next, I cut off the end of the nail and rounded the tip with a file.

On the other end of the dowel, I drilled a starter hole and twisted in a cup hook (without a safety latch). I cut off the tip of the hook to shorten the curved part, which makes it easier to use.

Now I simply use the nail end to raise the zipper up and the hook end to lower the zipper. No need to get the ladder out!

Jan Fields | Kirkland, Washington


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  1. This is a great idea to open the zipper to access the entry door of the RV. The cup hook can be straightened out a bit rather than cut off — this preserves the rounded edge so it doesn’t snag. My stick (actually a scrap 1×2 that’s about 4 feet long) gives me enough reach to open and close the zipper to the top of my RV. I use the straightened hook to raise the zipper as well. The other thing this hooked stick is good for is attaching the bungee cords on my wheel covers.

  2. This is a great idea. For years I have been using a folding step stool (three steps) and then stretching up to reach the top of my cover’s zipper. Now no more stool. Thanks for submitting this. I’m surprised something like this isn’t sold in Camping World stores.


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