10-Minute Tech: Blasted Pests

Outdoor Fan
Illustration by William Tipton


Heat and insects can make sitting under our RV’s awning at night uncomfortable. To make it more enjoyable, we use an overhead fan mounted to the RV.

We purchased an inexpensive 16-inch, three-speed oscillating floor fan. Using a metal flag-pole bracket, we attached the fan to the range’s vent flange (editor’s note: this won’t work if the range is on the street side) using one of the existing screws in the flange and drilling another beside it. To protect the RV’s finish, we put a rubber bumper on the third (bottom) mounting hole on the bracket. Using a copper-tubing cutter, we cut the fan’s 1-inch tube to the desired length. Then we simply slid the shortened tube with the attached fan into the flag-pole bracket, securing it with the provided thumbscrew.

When it’s time to move on, simply loosen the thumbscrew and unplug the fan. Make sure that when the fan is in the middle of its oscillating cycle it is pointing straight down.

We’ve gotten many compliments on this setup.

Larry and Lawana Norem | Fulton, Illinois



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